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Wellness Walks

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Walking is a highly accessible exercise. It' s both recommended and suitable for almost everybody.  Walking can be a great way to start,  add to, or recover from your adventure in exercise and fitness. It's also indicated that regular walks, particularly in rural areas, can be an effective tool in improving personal wellbeing.  And it's always better together, which is why we organise these group sessions

We plan these walks with these notions in-mind, and attempt to make them as accessible as possible, whilst providing a safe, welcoming, and friendly atmosphere.

This group has been set up to encourage everyone to get out, get active, and enjoy the outdoors. Weekly walks will be posted and pinned to the top of the page in our Facebook group. It will provide full details on the post. Generally, walks  are 5km-10km in distance . Please dress appropriately, bring water, and only come if you are comfortable walking the set distance. TSG Fitness holds no responsibility for any accidents or injuries that occur, everyone participates at their own risk.