Corrective Exercise is a method that combines anatomy and biomechanics to help fix movement compensations and imbalances. The aim is to improve the quality of movement during workouts and in everyday life.

Corrective Exercise is used to help assess and determine the cause of imbalances and poor movement patterns which can lead to issues with posture, balance, and total body coordination.

I work with my clients, in a slow yet progressive manner, working methodically to determine what is causing pain. Through doing this, I enable my clients to develop greater body awareness. By improving body awareness; my clients are able to stand for longer, bend down more frequently and return to sport. 

After a thorough assessment, I usually begin with teaching my clients about how to use and engage their core. The core is the foundation to all movement. Your arms and legs attach to the central point of your trunk. Without good core strength; balance, agility and coordination can suffer. 

Through simple progression, I have helped to change many clients posture and movement patterns. Something that they are incredibly grateful for as they become free from pain and more able to return to normal daily activity. 

If you are struggling with back pain, poor balance, weakness down one side or you are suffering from pain but you are unable to work out why. Then arrange a free consultation today! 

I am also able to offer injury help by providing home visits around the Norwich area.



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