Winter Training Tips

Winter training top tips;

1. If you have certain conditions that may be affected by exercising in the cold - seek advice from your doctor before undertaking exercise.

2. Check the weather conditions and the wind chill, remember if you get soaked you are likely to get cold very quickly.

3. Understand the signs and symptoms of hypothermia and frostbite.

Frostbite often displays itself as numbness or stinging of exposed skin. Do not rub the skin but slowly warm the skin by heading indoors.

Hypothermia is displayed as intense shivering, slurred speech, loss of coordination and fatigue. Seek medical guidance if you suspect hypothermia.

4. Dress in layers; ideally a thin layer of synthetic material to draw away sweat from the body, followed by fleece or wool and then a waterproof. Try to avoid stop go activities where sweat is allowed to cool and therefore creates a chill.

5. Protect your head, hands, feet and ears - invest in some good quality socks and a hat and gloves!

6. Remember your safety gear such as lights on a bike.

7. Stay hydrated

8. Have fun and enjoy exercising. Don’t forget to warm up, cool down and stretch thoroughly once your body temperature has returned to normal (don’t stretch when you are cold!!)

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