Quadratus Lomborum

Today is all about the QL.

Quadratus Lomborum.

This muscle is the deepest abdominal muscle.There isn't just one of them, you have two. In your low back either side of your lumbar spine.

Starting at your bottom rib, and ending at the top of your pelvis.

Often people have pain in this area, or referred pain into their lumbar spine because the QL is used to walk, sit, run, stand.

It can often become tight and over active. When I am dealing with lower back pain, most clients have tightness or stiffness in this area - and haven't really considered that could be what is causing their pain.

So why does it become tight and over active? well usually it is compensating for weakness elsewhere, or a muscle that isn't performing as efficiently as it should be.

Prolonged sitting can also cause issues with the QL - and leading to lower back pain.

So how do I deal with this?

1. Release the tension, working with a sports therapist to release any tension will help. As well as the use of a foam roller, or massage ball

2. Work on using the muscle - ROTATION and SIDE BENDS!!! so many people are scared to rotate when they have had a bad back, but your spine and body is designed to rotate, bend, flex and extend. We just have to learn how, and when to do this - correctly.

3. Work on your breathing, good deep abdominal breathing will help the QL relax, as well as improving overall posture and relaxation!

If you would like to learn some more stretches, email tsgfitness@hotmail.com

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