Neck and Body Mobility

Please be aware that all exercises are undertaken at your own risk, taking into consideration any health conditions you have and remember to work to your own ability.


Find a chair or sit on the floor. During this exercise it is important that you stay relaxed, but with good posture. Are both of your feet planted evenly on the floor? Can you feel your seatbones or sit bones? They are literally the bones under the flesh of the butt that you sit on.

Once you have established good posture in your chair this exercise is a lovely simple exercise to help create mobility in your neck.

To start with; slowly turn your head to the left and the right to look to the side of you, a bit like an owl. Make sure you stop in the middle facing forwards before changing sides. Repeat this up to 5 times each side, and around 3 times a day to keep good mobility.


Starting with the posture that we discussed for the neck exercises above I recommend that you roll your shoulders backwards in a circular motion. You can do this with both shoulders at the same time or individually. Build the size of the circles as suitable for your capabilities, to make the circles larger you can use your elbows too!

Now roll your shoulders forwards in a circular motion with both shoulders at the same time or individually.


Lay on your back, bend your knees so that your feet and knees are together. Place your arms out to the sides (like an aeroplane) move your knees from left to right very SLOWLY. You can increase the stretch by moving your head to the opposite side and some of you will be able to look at your knees. Only move as far as you possibly can.


Sit on the floor, and place the soles of your feet together. This will create a diamond shape from your hips, to your knees and feet. The further away from your body that your feet are, the easier this exercise will be. The idea is to sit calmly, and allow your knees to react to gravity and slowly drop towards the floor.


Can you remember the happy feet, sad feet exercise you did at school? This can be done either sitting on a chair or on the floor. All I want you to do is point your toes away from you (like a ballet dancer) and then bring your toes back up (so they point towards the ceiling).

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