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Mindful Breathing

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Following on from my last blog highlighting body awareness I wanted to share with you some further information on the topic; 

Your diaphragm is incredibly important as it is the muscle behind your lungs. The lungs can't expand on their own to take air in, so the diaphragm takes this role.

Breathing is a pump mechanism that means there is a pressure change in the lungs - which pushes the air into the lungs.

The diaphragm is also involved in coughing, sighing and sneezing. As well as swallowing, singing, core and postural control.

It is this that keeps us alive.

Mindful breathing is a super power

  • It sends a message to your brain that everything is ok, and that you will get through hard situations.

  • Decreases tension, stress and anxiety.

  • Grows the thoughtful pre-frontal cortex part of your brain.

  • Helps you to solve problems and find solutions.

  • Helps you feel more calm and capable.

  • Improves your immune response.

  • Improves self-control.

  • Decreases blood pressure and slows down your heart rate.

  • Acts like a reset button, helping you to move out of fight-flight-freeze.

  • Clears up foggy thinking and improves memory, attention, focus and concentration.

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