Heat or Ice?

We have all been there; walking along nicely and OOPS we have slipped, tripped, fallen and even sprained our ankle.

So, how do we initially treat a swollen, sprained ankle?

Ice generally decreases blood flow to an area, and therefore helps to reduce swelling in that area.

So within the first 3 days of an injury; Ice is the best recommendation to reduce swelling. Make sure you place something between your skin and the ice and hold it there for around 15 minutes. Take the ice off, allow your skin to warm before replacing the ice again. You can ice the area as many times as you feel is necessary; but at least twice a day is good.

After 3 days, replace the ice with heat. Heat is particularly beneficial for helping muscular injuries. Again heating for around 15 minutes at a time, and ensuring that you have something between your skin and the heat.

Heat encourages blood flow to the area, promoting healing and helping to initiate warming up before the area moves. Again around twice a day is sufficient.

This blog is only meant for advice, and if you are still in significant pain after 3 days I would seek medical advice.

If you are in severe pain following the injury - seek medical advice.

Ensure that you avoid ice and heat burns by putting something between the heat/ice and your skin.

If you need some help recovering from an injury, why not book a consultation by emailing tsgfitness@hotmail.com

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