I want to discuss pain relief.

How many people do you know that regularly take pain relief?

I don’t mean the odd paracetamol for a headache. I mean daily, regular pain relief.

Why is that? Is it because we have been conditioned to take medication rather than address the cause of your problem?

So your sore back that you medicate for daily is probably caused by your poor posture, and your lack of activity...

Is it ACTUALLY getting better with your medication? Or are you just disguising the pain?

Are you ACTUALLY comfortable with taking medication and covering up your pain?

What about if I said that I could help you correct the cause of your back ache so that you were able to be more comfortable without disguising pain with medication?

I have seen so many people that are on high level pain killers for a muscle spasm in their back. (I am not saying that medication doesn’t have its place, because it does and I always encourage clients seek medical guidance and I follow GP advice) which really could have been prevented in the first place by some consistent training.

Which is where I help you, I help you to learn about where your body SHOULD be and how it SHOULD move to empower you to live a pain free, less medicated and easier moving life...

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