Brooke Ladies Cricket Club

We are a group of ladies and girls (13+) who play cricket! There is a huge variety of standards and ages. Some of our younger players are very talented and play for Norfolk whilst some, like me picked up a bat for the first time this past Summer. Anyone can have a go! I need a knee replacement so have limited mobility and I’m also over 50 so you can hopefully see what I mean. Over this past Summer we went from about 8 members to nearly 30.

We train at least once a week during the Summer and hope to do some indoor training over the Winter months.

Competition wise again there is something to get everyone involved. If the thought of a hard cricket ball worries you that’s fine…….we will be doing softball comps. There are also full on league games as well as friendlies and inter club games so a huge variety.

Some ladies choose to just do the training which is lighthearted and lots of fun….that too is fine! It’s exercise that doesn’t really feel like you are doing too much but you will burn some calories……..most of them from laughing quite a lot!

If you would like to find out more please contact me:

Kerry Lake:

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