Body Awareness

I recently saw a post on Instagram about body awareness and it prompted me to write about it in my blog. "Body awareness is not just where the body is, but how the body is" So my question to you today; How are you?

When we are stressed, traumatised or even just out of our normal routine, we can become disconnected with our bodies. Awareness isn't just proprioception (where our body is) but also includes our experience of inhabiting ourselves. Interception is the sense of how our body is, but sometimes we have to be quiet and listen to it. Can you take a moment today? Is there one place in your body that feels completely safe and calm? Stay there, and enjoy this feeling. If you are listening, can you sense anything else? Perhaps your heart beat? Can you borrow the little bit of calm that you have gained, and use it somewhere else? Perhaps you can settle the little bit of worry you may have gained over the last few weeks.

I invite you all to breathe, take a moment and be aware of your body.

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