A Walk at High Ash Farm

Sophie identified an opportunity for people to meet up and walk together.  And the reason?  Because we had been locked down for months, we were starved of human contact and in need of some much needed grounding.  And the answer?  Get in touch with nature and the countryside and improve our much depleted well being.

So as a result Sophie’s Walking group was born and our first walk was in the wonderful countryside in South Norfolk near Caistor St Edmunds during that wonderful sunny, warm period we enjoyed this summer. I’ve lived in Norfolk all my life and hadn’t enjoyed much walking in this area.  It was wonderful and we got to meet new people too.

You don’t need any walking experience, don’t have to read maps and you don’t have to talk to everyone. If you need help with paying for a car park ticket, that can be organised too.

Each walk is in a different part of the Norfolk countryside and at different times of the day on either a Saturday or Sunday.  So there should be some time, some where you can make it.

So why not give it a try?  You’ve nothing to lose other than a couple of hours of your time at the weekend.

Anita Wood (Walk Attendee)

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