14 Day Virtual Body Blitz

With a second lockdown looming I invite you to join me for my 14 Day Virtual Body Blitz! This is a great way to meet new people, have something to look forward to everyday and also get fitter, feel stronger and move better!

Classes will all be run via Zoom

You will receive the link to the class you are registered for the night before your class via email - please keep checking your emails.

I have two pricing options;

6 classes per week for two weeks - £50 per person

12 classes per week for two weeks - £75 per person

You will receive either 12 or 24 credits which can be used for as many or as few classes as you wish depending on your own personal circumstances.

Credits will only be redeemable for the specific 2 week body blitz classes and will be null and void after Sunday 22nd November

Classes will start on Monday 9th November so you must be signed up and registered by Saturday 7th November to receive access to my personalised app and Facebook community


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